Footstool LUNA

LUNA footstool is made of solid wood, has a simple form and follows the trend of modern design. It can also be used as a highchair or nightstand.

R5 Table

We found the inspiration for creating the table in a whirl of tastes through which you are led by delicious food. The whirl of light (LED light channels) sunken into walnut wood divides the table in five parts and unites them into a circle in the middle. The round shape of the table symbolizes the equivalence of people sitting behind. The wooden illuminated table is supported by metal five-legged framework with a patina of rust which presents the element of time. And time is the one we have

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Ring T

Main material of the ring is wood (walnut). A special character of the ring gives red line, which flows in a wavy manner all around on the outer surface.

Lounge chair YO

YO follows the ergonomic principles of comfortable seating and pure geometric lines that abstractly form the letters “YO”. It creates a contrast between a massive, “male” wooden construction and a light, transparent “female” composite cloth of the seat and back, made of 100% recycled material. The tension of the cloth is achieved by the interweaving of fibres (the so-called “corset”). The lounge chair is complemented by a stool that becomes a side table when rotated 90°. A

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